Still under development, this page will include information on all our services.

Section forAids and Equipment

We have a well-equipped resource centre with a wide range of products built to help blind and partially sighted people maintain their independence. Although we only sell smaller items, we can order items for you, or simply provide information on any product.

A product that works for one person won’t necessarily work for another, so please come and visit. Contact us to arrange a visit, our Aids & Equipment Coordinator will demonstrate, inform and give you advice on all of the products in our resource centre.

Try Before You Buy
Our Try Before You Buy scheme enables you to take products home for up to 8 weeks so that you can be sure the item works for you. After 8 weeks, if you’re happy with the item, we can help you order it and provide any further information. This is a free service and only available to members

Cobolt Mouse Magnifier – A small handheld device allowing you to enlarge text on your TV.
RNIB PenFriend – A handheld electronic labeller, allowing you to audio tag items in your home.
Vibrating Level Indicator – A small battery powered device that indicates the liquid level of a cup.
Pamtrad A-Max – Pocket sized magnification wherever you may need it.
Easy to see Talking Watch – Stylish, comfortable and accessible talking watches.
Talking Microwaves – A microwave that talks to you, allowing you to cook safely.

Contact Details
To arrange a visit or to request more information about our Aids & Equipment services, please contact Steve Saunders – Aids & Equipment Co-ordinator using the following details:
Telephone: 01323 832252

Section for Mobility & Orientation

The ability to move about and travel safely is one of the cornerstones of independence for people who are vision impaired. Mobility and Orientation training can enable this.

The purpose of the service is to build the confidence and increase the mobility of people who have a vision impairment, through the provision of a personalised structured programme of:

  • Supported self-assessment
  • Education
  • Training
  • Support
  • Confidence building

Your first meeting with our Mobility Officer will focus on determining your aims and aspirations. Then depending on your aims and objective, the training may include:

  • Sensory awareness: gaining information about the world through hearing, smell, touch and perception.
  • Spatial concepts: understanding the relationships which exist between objects in the environment.
  • Searching skills: locating items or places efficiently: Independent movement, which includes walking.
  • Sighted guide: using another person to aid in travel.
  • Protective techniques: specific skills which provide added protection in unfamiliar areas.
  • Cane skills: use of various cane techniques to clear one’s path or to locate objects along the way.

With information you are able to make real choices, and with the support of this service you can follow through and make those choices a reality.

Contact Details

For more information about Mobility & Orientation, please contact Rachael Galsworthy-Jones using the following details:

Telephone: 01323 832 252


We offer Information Days to help people with sight loss regain confidence in their day to day living. All of our Information Days are free, with the exception of Kitchen Confidence where we suggest a £3 donation to help pay for your lunch. We also offer Vision Awareness Training for members of the public

Below is more detailed information on our Information Days and Vision Awareness Training. If you require transport to attend an Information Day then we can arrange this for you and suggest a £3 donation to help us cover the costs.

Module 1. What’s available for you

Up to 8 visually impaired candidates attending with volunteer assistance.

There will be the opportunity to hear about Social Services and registration. After lunch we will cover telephones, lifeline, useful gadgets for the kitchen and within the home, and discuss lots of useful hints and tips.

10.30 am – 2.45pm.
Please bring a packed lunch.

Module 2. Magnification

Up to 8 visually impaired candidates attending with volunteer assistance.

We will demonstrate and discuss magnification and then: various clocks, watches, lighting, anti-glare glasses, IT, CCTV’s and handwriting aids. Medical items, sewing aids, and colour contrasting items are also available.

10.30 am – 2.45pm.
Please bring a packed lunch.

Module 3. Mobility & Communication

Up to 8 visually impaired candidates attending.

You will be able to invite a relative or friend to this session and there will be an opportunity to discuss problems you may be encountering with mobility and orientation.

We will demonstrate and practice Sighted Guiding techniques and discuss other access issues, as well as some of the canes that are available. In the afternoon we cover Talking Newspapers and books, Boom Boxes, Transport, Leisure and ESAB Social Groups.

10.30 am – 2.45pm.
Please bring a packed lunch.

Module 4. Kitchen Confidence. £6.00

Up to 8 visually impaired candidates attending with volunteer assistance.

We will cover:
Cutting, peeling, slicing and safety in the kitchen
Talking scales and microwaves
Weighing, measuring and pouring safely

Then we’ll put it all into practice by preparing a two course lunch as a group, so no packed lunch will be needed today.

10.30 am – 2.45pm.

Module 5. Online Shopping and Social Networking

Up to 4 visually impaired candidates per session with one to one volunteer assistance.

The aim is for you to explore online shopping (assistance available to register for online shopping with the shop of your choice and to do a first shop with the support of the volunteer if needed). After lunch the theme will be social networking such as E-mails, Facebook, Twitter or Skype.

10.30 am – 2.45pm.
Please bring a packed lunch.

Module 6. First Aid

A half day (3 hour) session to give you the confidence to know how to help yourself or someone else and know when to call an ambulance.

Module 7. Computer Bytes Taster Course (using tablets or laptops)

Tea/coffee and biscuits provided and transport can be arranged.

Vision Awareness Training

The aim of this course is to give people, organisations and businesses both the knowledge and skills to support people who are blind or partially sighted in an appropriate and safe way. Vision Awareness Training is usually run once a month at our offices in Hailsham to train our new volunteers. However, this course can be run at a venue of your choice for a fee. We have provided Vision Awareness Training to several local businesses who have given us positive feedback on their experience of this training. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

Outreach Vehicleoutreach-vehicle

ESAB’s Outreach Vehicle has been specifically designed and purpose built to help raise the awareness of sight loss in our local communities and reach blind and partially sighted people who may not otherwise know about our services.

The Outreach Vehicle (pictured) has lots of unique features: a light and airy interior, a comfortable colour contrasted seating area, a suspension that lowers to provide single step entry and a ramp for wheelchair users, and of course a large Aids and Equipment display.

Social Groups

ESAB supports a range of local social groups throughout the county. We also have a theatre group and a Bowls group. Each group is organised by a team of local volunteers and usually meets once a month. Transport to and from the meetings can be arranged.

Our more active groups are often in Brighton, where Sound Tennis Sussex is also based, while the Tuesday Club meets at different venues throughout the year.

Below is the full list of ESAB’s current social groups. To find out more, please contact our Volunteer Co-ordinator:
Telephone: 01323 832252

ESAB social groups

  • Bexhill
  • Bowls group
  • City Synergy/Brighton VIPs
  • Deafblind group (based in Brighton)
  • Crowborough
  • Herstmonceux
  • Lewes
  • Polegate
  • Saltdean & Peacehaven
  • Seaford
  • SocialEYES
  • Sound Tennis Sussex
  • Theatre Group
  • Tuesday Club
  • Uckfield
  • VitalEYES